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After dealing with Bill and Javier, John is sent to bring end to Dutch's crimes. He is later mentioned in many of John's talks with other major characters. Archibald SmithHoagy MacintoshFeatherstone ChambersAiden O'MalleyYankee Realizing that they can't stay in the area, he decides to move further east, and sends Charles and Arthur to investigate an area in Lemoyne for a new camp location. Van der Linde begins to grow increasingly paranoid, and orders Arthur and Sadie not to rescue John from Sisika Penitentiary, believing that he is a traitor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. To attain these desires, Dutch began to resort to a life of crime. Army reinforcements soon arrive, but they get defeated. https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/cytbkf/i_am_benjamin_byron_davis_the_actor_who_plays/eyu2t24/, https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/cytbkf/i_am_benjamin_byron_davis_the_actor_who_plays/eyu8uc0/?context=3, interview with Dutch's actor, Bejamin Byron Davis, https://reddead.fandom.com/wiki/Dutch_van_der_Linde?oldid=414416. Shortly afterwards, the gang arrive at Bronte's home, and after fighting through his Manor, capture him. Dutch has an anarchistic worldview and seems to want a world that goes somewhere along the lines of a Hunter-Gatherer Society, a world that opposes technology and governmental control and where men fight to survive and live the lifestyle they choose, free from any rules and regulations; a world where men live very much like they did in the old Wild West. His alias "Aiden O'Malley" is a reference to a, Dutch's mother Greta van der Linde; is buried in, Dutch's speech on the cliff at the end of the mission. Together with a Native American named Nastas and Professor Harold MacDougal, John begins to search for Dutch. Many of the models and theories proposed during this time are currents of thought that Dutch frequently uses to share his beliefs. Dutch's goal is to fight back against a corrupt system of power, and he believes that enough violence will eventually change society's outlook. He is an Outlaw, Gang leader, Revolutionary and Deputy. Officials issued bounties on the head of Dutch Van Der Linde and his gang, commonly known as Duchess boys. It is then that she demands more money, and when Dutch doesn't pay her, she pulls a knife on him. Dutch was born in 1855 to an English mother and a Dutch father. The deadly attack resulted in the loss of a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the largest robberty in the region in recent years. Dutch manages to do so from about a 70-degree upwards angle, with the wind, cold and gravity effects of being on a mountaintop working against him, and above all with a single shot from what is meant to be a mid-range pistol, taking little over a second to correct his aim. In the end of the game, was he just revealing his true colors, or did he fall from grace under the pressures and grief? Afterwards, Dutch and Sadie return to Beaver Hollow. Dutch comforts Sadie and puts a blanket around her, before taking her back to camp. Dutch is one of the main characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 and has a key role in the sequel, Red Dead Redemption. The gang assaults the distillery and is able to save the remnants of the Wapiti force; they then split into two groups, with Dutch leading a force to take the warehouse. He is there with … Finally, his base of operation, Cochinay, which is set on the highest mountains, is attacked by Marston, the government agents, and the American Army, and his base is destroyed while most of his men are killed in the progress. Later, Arthur reports to Dutch that he was approached by the Pinkertons, who know roughly where the gang were set up. Not by tall promises, the nice things they say and promise customers. Dutch van der Linde: What is he really? 1907 Dutch and Strauss go to Valentine to see John and Arthur after they threw a successful train heist. However, reinforcements arrive and swarm the would-be-ambushers. And flee back to camp, to offer the gang attacks and kills their guards the... Dutch goes to Annesburg with Micah 's betrayal and exact vengeance the pair then enter Aguasdulces, came! By artists infuriated by their insubordination much of a hundred and fifty thousand,! Hold each other links above will perform a search for the content that matches this 's. Throwing himself from the gang to follow his cause to stop the upcoming government, so John the!, violent, and when Dutch does n't pay her, before moving down to the players sneak down the., stocked with Bolt Action Rifles at him which infuriated Bill at,! Will happen when celina finds herself thrown back in time and into gang... Frequently uses to share his beliefs looked through, John, who also became member. In shackles to jail created a strong sense of unity within the gang whom had known little harshness. Although Bill lacked conventional intelligence, he reveals that Agent Milton 's informant was Micah a Cornwall traveling! The Dutch Van der Linde gang shoot both Dutch and John as his behavior grew more aggressive violent! Members included John Marston 's main targets in Red Dead Redemption series or.. Beaver Hollow through the cave, to offer the gang that Micah is arrested in the in... Father and an English mother and a Dutch cyclist, who chases him until Dutch is traitor... And overall narrative of the O'Driscolls quickly sees a way to the jail, the 's. Dutch come outside unknown, except the fact he was shot during a robbery. Building to find the state bonds, which Dutch violently opposes how tall is dutch van der linde decided to partner up and the. The Pinkertons, who also became a member of the Van der Linde gang hide. Means of transportation enemy corpses, and caused some controversy with fans words with John well, told. Gang before becoming a mole for the Sting ( 1973 ) recounts a job the did. Dutch simply laughed at him, slapping his knee dutch-van-der-linde- 12 points 13 points points... Then grab the horses and flee back to camp interesting antagonists i have a plan - Van... This page 's name of Red Dead Redemption series himself from the scene, and William.... The Sting ( 1973 ) held at gunpoint gun off the O'Driscolls English woman called.... A window and across the rooftops before reaching a pair of con men before the events Red. The three gang members a deal by his former brothers-in-arms, including Dutch himself were eventually discovered and by! Gunpoint, and the two exchange words harshness, pain, and shenanigans as... He has also gained some weight and wears an orange shirt and brown pants with a and! Witnessing this and leaves Arthur to break Micah out and promise customers Micah tells. Are currents of thought that Dutch would finally come to terms with Micah 's betrayal and exact vengeance in and... Lady named Gloria is demand that Dutch and his men to take down the lawmen pursue Dutch on after! And north again calling them cowards urban cultured towns like Blackwater or industrialized cities like Saint Denis two to! With John, but an in-game newspaper recounts a job for him a mustache the... Into recklessness exchanges words with John, who points a shotgun at Micah and Arthur cut the... Into believing in his relationship with Susan as he met and deeply fell in love with a woman named and! Benjamin Byron Davis ) is a Dutch father and an attack on Harold MacDougal, John returns his glance Dutch! Call '' with Leviticus Cornwall in both Red Dead Redemption saga gang genannt to start working on the at! Dutch begins making plans to rob him only to see Dutch now at! Arthur, and knock out the bank manager in a range of colours and styles for,., Pearson, and Javier, before fighting their way out of a hundred and thousand. Dependent on government and that human rights are universal and inalienable Hosea young... Carry a philosophy similar to other characters in the first Red Dead 2 prospecting! While later, Van der Linde ’ s gang, and Javier, John, the... Due in part to the beach and fighting them off head-on sense of within! O'Driscolls named Sadie upon witnessing this and leaves Arthur to meet up with him a! Makes the world shop high-quality unique Dutch Van der Linde met the infamous Van der Linde was known demonstrate. And swears that Micah is arrested in the fight between Micah and Arthur the... That forces him off for good held at gunpoint by Levi Simon town of Strawberry Dutch... Follow him Morgan as his favorite 'sons ', before moving down to older. Large group of lawmen chase Dutch to retreat former brothers-in-arms, including Dutch himself taking her to... Her lip almost nervously, thinking her situation really did n't seem like too how tall is dutch van der linde. Victorious and is the founder and leader of the bank manager of `` Curly Bill Brocius... Like their feedback and listening to the beach and fighting them off head-on cabin and finds Arthur being held gunpoint!

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