Liberia Children’s Rescue Orphanage


The Liberia Children’s Rescue Orphanage was founded in 1999 to help the dozens of homeless, parentless children in New Georgia as a result of the Liberian civil wars. Since then, the residents of the orphanage have formed a tight community and live as a big, untraditional family. Older children support and protect the younger children, and everyone shares chore responsibilities to keep the orphanage operating.  


In 2010, as a result of our work with Mercy Night School, the orphanage asked us to provide school tuition for all the children.  In the years since, we assumed more responsibility and now fund 100% of all orphanage operations, including the staff salaries, food, medicine, clothing, and tuition for the children.  


This past year, due to the addition of Ebola orphans, the orphanage family grew from 31 to 40 children.  Despite these devastating circumstances, the new children have been warmly welcomed into the home.  However, with the addition of the new kids and the old orphanage home in dire need of structural repairs, we knew a new orphanage building was needed.  We started construction in late 2015, and the children are excited to move into their new home in fall 2016.