Schools for Justice Updates and 2017 News

Thanks to your generous gifts, we are happy to announce that we were able to meet the 2016 financial needs of the Liberian Children’s Rescue Orphanage and Mercy Night School!   In particular, we are thrilled to report that last year’s special building campaign was an enormous success. We finished the majority of the new orphanage home construction and all 40 children moved in this month!  The Mercy Night School continues to flourish, growing 25% from last year to over 300 students in regular attendance.  Our fundraising goal for 2017 is to raise $15,000 to finish the orphanage home construction, and $50,000 to fund our ongoing orphanage and night school operations ($65,000 total).  We hope you will consider continuing your contribution to help fund these essential projects!

New Website

Welcome to our refreshed website!  Special thanks to the talented design team at Carillo and Co – so thankful to have them as partners!  Stay tuned to the news sections for updates on the orphanage and night school.